GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS vehicle tracking system for fleet management, protecting the vehicle and driver, and locating equipments. It is designed for tracking vehicle fleets or any battery operated assets. Today GPS Tracker fitted vehicles are common sights on the roads of developed countries. We provide very Low Cost GPS Vehicle Tracker to fulfil your needs. Our vehicle tracking system is completely web-based and you do not need to install any software for tracking.

GSM Security System

Secure your home or office or any area of interest with intelligent wireless security system. Wireless Anti-Tamper PIR Motion Detector Monitoring the moving action at any position with pet immune function, anti pet with weight below 12KG and anti-tamper for front cover.

Executive / Children Tracker

Real time track your executive/children/baby/suitcase with innovative ultra small size GPS based tracker.

Automatic Water Level Controller

Fully automatic micro controller based water level controller, ideal for commercial & domestic installation. Automatically turn pump on & off based on pre set water level in the tank. Hassle free installation and zero failure rate. Now never run out of water or never waste even a single drop of precious water by overflowing the tank.

Ozone Sterilizer / Vegetable Purifier

Ozone is the most powerful oxidative agent that occurs naturally. With its extra free radical oxygen molecule, ozone is able to destroy germs, viruses, and microbes that may cause surface or air contaminations. Furthermore, ozone leaves no chemical residue typical of alternative detergent or synthetic cleaners, and if handled properly - by converting ozone back to oxygen molecules - it can be one of the most effective sterilizing tools. Ozone is a powerful and natural purifier, and now with the Ozilla™ Ozone Sterilizer, it is safer and easier than ever to use ozone gas for multiple sterilization applications. The Ozilla™ is a high quality, compact and purpose-built ozone gas generator which measures 13 x 11 x 5 inches. When used properly, it is able to eliminate airborne and surface contaminants and germs. The Ozilla sterilizer is easy and safe to use, and has a novel "scrubbing" technology that removes all ozone gases at the end of each sterilization cycle, by converting ozone gas back to oxygen (see Figure 1). As an added advantage, the Ozilla air sterilizer will leave your room or cabinet odor-free and smelling fresh, clean, and ready for your next usage.

RF Remote Controller

Radio Frequency based remote controller with ultra modern design to fit your house's or office's interior design. RF based remote is best when it comes to switching Fan, Light e.t.c due to it's obstacle penetration capability. Powered by A23 battery it works senselessly.

RO Water Purifier

Whether you get water from bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers or taps, this water purifier from Imperial ensures that you always drink safe and pure water. RO+UV+UF with TDS controller This water purifier is designed with RO + UV + UF that remove even the dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts, thereby ensuring pure water all the time. The TDS controller helps maintain natural minerals, thereby ensuring safe and tasty drinking water for you and your family. Capacity This water purifier has a capacity of 7 litres, so as to ensure continuous supply of purified water even when there is no electricity or running tap water. Auto off and Auto on With a fully automatic operation, this purifier begins the purification process when the water level falls below maximum. It automatically stops when the tank is full or when there is no inlet supply of water. Material The ABS plastic body ensures that it lasts for a long time. The food grade construction makes sure that there are no harmful chemicals in the purified water. Wall Mount This water purifier has a wall mountable design, which helps save a lot of space on the kitchen counter-top.

Hot & Cold RO Water Dispenser

We are one of the noteworthy enterprises engaged in offering superior quality Hot and Cold Water Dispenser. For cooling, the temperature range is remains in-between 7 to 17 degrees and for hot water it is 98 degrees. The provided dispenser consumes 85Watts of power supply offering 3 ltr of cooling and 1.5 of hot water. In addition, the external cabinet is manufactured using ABS plastic with SS side panels. Besides, clients can get the dispenser from us at cost effective prices.